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Solar Systems

MBC solar selectively choice high quality solar systems from various reputed manufacturers and will supply to its customers around the world.
We guarantee and ensure that the solar systems supplied by us made up of high quality components

  • a. Maintenance free and reliable batteries
  • b. Reliable charge control units
  • c. High efficiency Inverters
  • d. Suitable cable kit and harnesses
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MBC solar can also offer any customer specific requirement of systems at best price in line with customer needs.

Many more Solar PV Products and Solutions Available with us, Do not hesitate to ask for any of your Specific and Innovative product requirements.

MBC Solar Unique Solar Power Systems:

  • A Combination of PV Modules with Other Electronic Components
  • Fed into the Conventional Grid
  • Used in remote Areas – Off Grid

We produces the following eco-friendly and pollution free products that not only go a long way in helping global efforts in conserving the environment but also helps customers in reducing their electricity bills thereby generating additional savings.

Off-Grid systems

Off-grid systems can be used for water pumps and greenhouse ventilation systems. Specialized solar water pumps are designed for submersible use (in a borehole) or to float on open water. Stand alone off -grid systems can be applied to remote homes, lighting, TV, radio, and telemetry.

Grid-Connected Systems

Grid-connected systems can be applied to residential installations. Stand alone grid tied systems can be applied to residential and business systems that require uninterrupted power


Solar electric enegy demand has grown by an average of 30% per annum over that past 20 years against a backdrop of rapidly declining costs and prices. This decline in cost has been driven by economies of manufacturing scale, manufacfturing technology improvements, and the increasing efficienjcy of solar cells day to day upgradation in technology

Overall, regional solar energy demand where the solar energy is connected to electricity grid is driven by the following :

  • Incentive programs led by national or state governments, subsidies allow customers / investors to the gain a financial return on the PV system by selling solar electricity at preferential rates.
  • Enthusiasm of customers for green energy, especially solar
  • Local electricity tarrifs: High electricity prices encourage alternative sources of energy.
  • Sunlight conditions: Solar electricity prices fall as sunlight levels increase.
  • Marketing strategy by solar companies.
  • Delivery infrastructure, which is the number of local suppliers and qualified installers

Typical Energy Generation of our Solar System:

  • For a PV System that is ‘fixed’ at an angleof 23 o the system will generate 1,526 kWh for every kWp installed
  • For a PV System that has ‘single axis tracking’ capability and fixed at an angle of 45o the system will generate 1,952 kWh for every kWp installed

MBC Solar target to be the first company which comes with a combination of “ Conventional solar power plant” which works 5 hours of power generation “Advanced Solar Power technology Plant” which works 24x7x365 days power generation.

Conventional Model – 5~6 hours of operation

Advanced Technology Model – 24x7 hours of operation

The Amount of KWh produced per year calculated as follows:

  • KW rating of the turbine generator times 24 hours in a day times 365 days in a year.
  • For our 500 KW system the equation would be 500x24x365=4,380,000 Kwh annually.
  • There is a performance variance of +5%.

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