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Solar Modules

MBC solar selectively choice high quality “solar cells” from In-house, various reputed suppliers and manufacture Solar Panels at its OEM branded facility.
We guarantee and ensure that the solar modules supplied by us meet the following basic characteristics of

  • a. Positive Power Tolerance of 0~4.99 watt.
  • b. Excellent low light performance.
  • c. 100% inline EL inspection.
  • d. With product guarantee of 10 years for workmanship
  • e. Performance warranty of minimum 90% rated power output for 10 Years and 80% rated power output up to 25 Years.
Mono Crystalline 60 Cell Module Mono Crystalline 72 Cell Module Poly Crystalline 60 Cell Module Poly Crystalline 72 Cell Module
Conversion Efficiency 16.5~17.0 % Conversion Efficiency 16.8~17.5%
Module power range between260 to 285 peak watts at STC. Module power range between310 to 340 peak watts at STC. Module power range between245 to 265 peak watts at STC. Module power range between300 to 320 peak watts at STC.

MBC solar can also offer any customer specific requirement of modules at best price in line with customer needs

Upon Request Can Supply:

    Full Black Modules

  • Pure black appearance Back Sheet, Frames,Interconnection etc.
  • Ideal for high-end roof top applications and for building facades.
  • Anti-Glare and High Asthetic Look.
  • Can withstand high wind load and snowy conditions.
  • Good temperature coefficient enables better output in hot climates.
  • Highest power output, industry leading conversion efficiency.
  • Unique roof mounting technology.

HIGH Technology

  • Glass - Glass Solar Modules with 4.0~4.5mm Thk.
  • Flexible and Foldable Solar Modules.
  • Aluminum / Acrilic and Other Substarte Modules.
  • Innovative and Custom Designed Solar Modules.

Third Party Insurance:

  • 25 years coverage.
  • Immediate coverage without waiting periods.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Non-cancellable.
  • Helps to meet banks and lender requirements.
  • 3rd party bankruptcy rights.
  • Risk Free, Secured and Trouble Free.

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