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Solar Cells

MBC solar selectively choose high quality and PID free solar cells from various reputed manufacturers and supply to its customers around the world.MBC Solar supplies the high quality solar systems obtained from reputed solar panel manufacturers. MBC Solar supplied solar panels has the stamp of high grade quality and trust of its customers.

We guarantee and ensure that the solar cells supplied by us meet the following basic characteristics of

  • 1. High efficiency solar cells with an isotropic etched surface. These high conversion efficiencies resulting in superior power output performance.
  • 2. Silicon Nitride Antireflection Coating with Color Uniformity
  • 3. Silver front contact bus bars and Aluminium back surface field with contact pads which is optimized design for ease of soldering and lamination.
  • 4. !00% Inspection for electrical performance and reverse current to ensure long-term stability, reliability and performance.
Mono Crystalline 2BB Solar Cells Mono Crystalline 3BB Solar Cells Poly Crystalline 2BB Solar Cells Poly Crystalline 3BB Solar Cells
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Cell power range between 4.1 to 4.4 peak watts at STC. Cell power range between 4.2 to 4.5 peak watts at STC. Cell power range between 3.85 to 4.15 peak watts at STC. Cell power range between 3.95 to 4.25 peak watts at STC.

MBC solar can also offer any customer specific requirement of cells at best price in line with customer needs.

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