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Our Services

Technology Consultancy for Solar PV Manufacturing & EPC:

Providing engineering and technical advisory services in manufacturing of solar cell, modules and solar systems.
Offers high-tech consultancy services for improving manufacturing yields and efficiencies of solar cells, modules and systems

Specializing in:

  • Solar cell, module and systems design and performance study.
  • Develop Innovative design, modeling, performance analysis and identify performance limiting bottlenecks and provide quick solutions for their removal.
  • Solar cell, module and systems test procedures, measurement protocols and performance analysis.

Always interested in potential collaborations as well as offering confidential private R&D for the clients. Provides a comprehensive product design and development service from initial concept through to detailed engineering design, prototyping and full scale product manufacturing advisory services. Conduct individual line audits and offers unique solutions to reduce manufacturing costs and also provide solutions for higher throughputs. Develops solar solutions in line with the needs of customer’s application and ensure the quality and reliability.

EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services)

MBC Solar’s engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) team provides bankable, innovative, and reliable solar energy solutions to customers around the world. Offering “turnkey” working systems in place, we are able to provide a complete spectrum of services for projects from viability studies to commissioning.

MBC SOLAR Delivers

  • Complete Scope of Work
  • Project Duration and Expectations
  • Quality Products and Workmanship
  • Cost and ROI Projections

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Services

Our mission is to provide ongoing operation and maintenance services for utility scale and commercial photovoltaic systems. Utilizing our state -of -the art technology and highly experienced solar energy engineering staff, MBC Solar has the ability to track all of the indicators and parameters to optimize performance and to carry out the required maintenance of each solar farm.

HIGH Technology

  • Analyzing Tools from Reputed and Branded Partners:
  • Result Oriented and Practical Solutions.
  • EPC @ highly competitive price
  • Ultra Low Cost of Maintenance.

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