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Raw Materials

Raw Materials Trading and Supply:

  1. Solar Cell – Silicon Wafers of both MONO and POLY, Metallization Pastes of Silver and Aluminium, High-Quality Chemicals, Screens and other relevant materials.
  2. Solar Module – Solar Cells of both MONO and POLY crystalline, Ribbon, Solar Glass, EVA Back Sheet, EVA Solar Back Sheet, PV Back Sheet, Aluminium Frames, Junction Box, Solar Panel Junction Box and other relevant materials.
  3. Solar Systems – Solar Modules, Maintenance Free Batteries, Charge Control Unit, Inverters etc. We can also supply custom built independent and standalone systems.

We, the solar systems manufacturers provide all the critical and high quality raw materials relevant to solar cell, modules and solar cable manufacturers’ requirements. We produce the most reliable, quality and highly efficient solar photovoltaic products also.

a. Silicon Wafers

MBC Solar offers a wide range of MONO crystalline, POLY/MULTI crystalline silicon wafers for solar cell manufacturing. We have access to a reputed and reliable supply of high quality silicon wafers to support both your short and long term product requirements.

We offer silicon solar wafers in the following sizes:

Mono 156 x 156 mm

Mono 156 x 156 mm

Our goal is to help you reduce your overall Cost/Watt. This begins with sourcing the highest quality silicon wafers for your solar cell process.

Below are sample specifications..

Multi Wafer Specification

Conductivity Type P
Shape Square 156 x 156 ± 0.5mm
Resistivity 0.5 - 3 Ω-cm
Lifetime ≥2 μs
Oxygen Concentration ≤ 1 x 1018 atoms/cm3
Carbon Concentration ≤ 5 x 1016 atoms/cm3
Thickness 200 ± 20 microns.
TTV ≤ 30 μm
BOW ≤ 50 μm
Saw Marks ≤ 15 μm
Chips L ≤ 1 mm, D ≤ 1 mm, Max. 2 places

Mono Wafer Specification

Crystal Structure Mono
Crystal Growth Tech. Czochralski
Crystal Orientation <100>
Conductance Type P
Dopant Boron
Resistivity 0.5 - 3 Ω - cm 3 - 6
Minority Carrier Lifetime ≥10 μs
Carbon Concentration ≤1 x 1017 atoms/cm3
Oxygen Concentration ≤1 x 1018 atoms/cm3
Wafer Thickness 200 ± 20 microns
Wafer Length 156 mm
Diagonal Length 195, 200 and 205mm
Square Sides Angle 90o ± 0.5o
TTV ≤ 30 μm
BOW ≤ 50 μm
Saw Marks ≤ 15 μm

We guarantee that the material will meet the quoted specifications. Contact us today for all your monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon wafer needs.

B. Pastes

Front Side Ag Paste

  • Result higher efficiencies and yields
  • Better aspect ratio
  • Excellent fine line resolution
  • Low contact resistance on lightly doped emitter
  • Cd free
  • Pb free (optional)

Back Side Ag Paste

  • Lower Consumption
  • Co-fireable with back Aluminium and front Silver pastes
  • Greater adhesion strength
  • Superior results provides a high quality, cost effective solution

Aluminium Paste

  • Excellent BSF (back surface field) formation lead to high efficiency
  • Less bow (<1.5mm for 180um thick wafer)
  • Compatible with mono and multi-crystalline wafers and back side silver paste
  • Excellent adhesion strength (>3N/cm)
  • Co-fireable with back side and front side Ag pastes
  • Pb free

C. Screens

Printing Screens

  • Sharp and Thin Line Openings
  • High Aspect Ratio
  • Consistent paste pick up results
  • Highest output.
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