Solar PV Cells Mono / Poly Crystalline

MBC Solar offers Solar PV Cells with high efficiency PID free and ultra-high reliability goods to our customers around the world. Advanced PECVD film technique is used to ensure dark blue silicon nitride and good color uniformity. Furthermore, the usage of high-quality metal paste to make electrodes and the back surface ensures good conductivity as well as high peel strength and electrode soldering.

MBC Solar uses high quality and reliable raw wafers of both MONO and MULTI / POLY crystalline only from the reputed manufacturers. We have incorporated our logo “M” at rear side during OEM manufacturing of Solar PV Cells and can also traceable even after module manufacturing.

We don’t compromise on process technology as well quality to deliver the best products to our esteemed customers around the world. We dare to announce that our goods are highly reliable and durable, hence we incorporate our logo “M” in all of our products.

We offer Solar Cells of both MONO and MULTI/POLY Crystalline with 3BB, 4BB and 5BB grid patterns as a standard. We can also do custom specific design request as well as innovative design with high quality.

Solar PV Modules MONO and POLY Crystalline

We offer Solar Panels of both MONO and MULTI/POLY Crystalline using our own OEM branded Solar PV cells as a standard. MBC Solar “GEM POWER” standard series panels comes with 60 cell and 72 cell combinations for the distributed power stations, roof top projects as well as KW/MW scale power plant project applications. We can also do custom specific design request as well as innovative design with high quality.

Solar Panel
Hybrid Solutions1

Solar PV Systems with Advanced Technology

MBC Solar uses its own OEM branded Solar Panels and selectively choice high quality, reliability key components from various reputed manufacturers. The key items of maintenance free Batteries, Inverters, SCB & PCU’s, Mounting Structures, Electrical AC/DC cable and many more items strictly undergo 100% onsite inspection prior to integrate into the systems at our facility.


Please feel free to ask for your requisite products data sheet or else explore your custom design requirement in line with your project needs.