MBC Solar "Pollution Free & Green Energy" Solar PV Solutions

Distributed, Roof Top ON/OFF Grid Projects

Domestic photovoltaic power plants mainly refer to the installation and use of distributed solar power systems on home-owned rooftops. Its characteristics are: multiple installation points, small installation capacity, simple grid connection process, high state subsidies, and significant benefits.

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High Quality / Reliable Systems with Advanced Technology

KW/MW Scale Solar PV Projects

The large-scale terrestrial photovoltaic power plant solution is based on real-time production data of photovoltaic power plants. It supports power plant operation and maintenance services in all dimensions, including operation and maintenance monitoring, fault handling, comprehensive analysis and business reports. It also shows the status of the power station, to meet the daily operations of the operators and the owners' needs for the operation and management of the power station, and gradually shift the photovoltaic power station to a mode of centralized operation and maintenance, low-person duty, and intelligent digitalization.