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About us

MBC Solar Company

HONGKONG based “MBC SOLAR ENERGY LIMITED” and CHINA based昆山国富光伏科技有限公司/ “KUNSHAN GUOFU PV TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.” Established in the Year 2014 by Solar PV professional having extensive experience of over 23 years in the Solar PV Industry. MBC Solar brings you a unique range of high-technology raw materials to its customers around the world at the best competitive price. Its unlimited product portfolio covers raw materials, components, equipments and custom built specific tools and laboratory devices for the high quality product manufacturers of solar cell, module and systems. MBC Solar High-Tech Consultancy, providing engineering and technical advisory services in manufacturing of solar cell, modules and solar systems.

What we do

MBC Solar can help you reduce your manufacturing costs and improve quality, efficiency and the performance of your solar products. Our only focus on the photovoltaic industry makes you expertise for every step of your production process. We have access to highly reputed OEM suppliers of manufacturing equipments, tools and laboratory testing devices relevant to solar wafer, cell, module and solar systems.

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